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Complete Guide On How To Download Instagram Photos

in How To on March 12, 2020

We understand that downloading instagram photos can be pain but we will help you today with some easy ways to download them.

So, let’s begin!

Source – Instagram

1. Native Way To Download Instagram Photos To Mac & PC

There is a way to download all your account related data including photos & videos via the in-built option.

To download the entire history, login first then click the gear icon to the right. It should say edit profile and choose privacy and security.

It will take you to account privacy section after that press on “Data Download” then click on “Request Download”.

You will get the download link via E-mail, login and download the zip file. Once you have downloaded the zip file, it will contain all the photos and videos you have posted on your instagram.

2. Download Instagram Photos Via Source Code

Let’s say you don’t want to download your photos and videos with our first option or you just want to download some other photos and videos of some other instagram account.

To download via source code you need to right click on the image or video you find and then click on option “View Page Source” or just press “Ctrl+U” to open up the source code. Next, you have to find the meta properties so scroll down to it then copy the url from “og:image” and paste in a new tab.

Now, image will appear. All you have to do now is right click “save image as” and download it. Simple, isn’t it!

3. Try Instagram Photo Downloader

This is the easiest way to download instagram photos and videos. All you need is to visit the url https://instadownloader.co/.

Now type in the url of the photo or video you found on instagram and press download. After that you will have the image or video downloaded. Congrats!

Hope we have helped you to find a way to download those instagram videos and photos. Let us know if you like the article by dropping a comment below!

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